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Our partnership has ended a while ago and starting spring 2020 we walk each our own Path also work-wise.

If you would like to take the last steps of Path of Touch 2 or 3 together with us, you are very welcome to join in, there are few places for both, men and women.

In the future, Petr will carry on with constellations, shamanic healings and process work through touch in Path of Soul, Mystery and Trainings.

Magdalena continues with Feminine Seminars for awakening and ankering the life force in the body, and also with Individual Sessions - process work accompanied by intense touch of energetic bodywork and Tuning forks. Newly she opens Seminars For Couples.

Dates of seminars of both of us you will find on this website. Spring dates will be presented during November.

From the bottom of our hearts we thank all of you, who walked the Path of Touch - you have brought it to life together with us. There is sadness for closing this chapter, and at same time there is joy of opening up for the upcoming one.

with love

Magdalena and Petr

Seminars in Zdebořicíe 

Summer 2019:

17.-20.5.  Path of Touch 2, English

21.-25.6.  Path of Touch 3, English

Autumn 2019:

30.8. - 2.9.  Path of the Soul, English

20. - 23.9.   Path of the Soul, Czech and German.

4. - 7.10.      Path of Touch 1, English

17.-22.10.   Training VII - block 1, English, (New run)

                    Feminine workshop in Vienna will take place in spring 2020 - "Nourishing and wrinkle                               smoothing", English

15. - 18.11.  Path of Touch 2 - LAST OPPORTUNITY, English

6. - 10.12.  Path of Touch 3 - LAST OPPORTUNITY, English

  • Dates for spring 2020 will be published in November 2019

  • Before Path of Touch participation on Path of Soul is recommanded
  • Paths of Touch can be visited in the right order ONLY 
  • After Mystery 1 you can continue with Path of Touch 2
  • Price includes seminar fee and lodging, participants provide food supplies - we cook together

Path of the Soul

Petr Málek

Family Constellations - Shamanic rituals - Bodywork

Welcome to the gateway seminar where we bring awareness into our foundation and our roots, using Ritual, Family Constellations and Conscious touch. Family Constellations is a unique blend of soul-work and psychotherapy, inspired by the healing wisdom of traditional rituals that honor our ancestors.

This seminar is an invitation to enter the present moment and connect with the 'knowing field', revealing hidden dynamics within our family system. This dynamic process can bring resolutions and healing of long term issues, resulting in a healthier flow of love and energy. With conscious touch we enter the magical 'feeling field' that grounds and integrates our experiences and energy shifts in our bodies.

Motivation to participate might be the feeling of seeking change in our lives, a sense of stagnancy, a draw to deeper self-inquiry, clearing our relations or a desire for healing on the physical level.

Friday 7PM - Monday 5PM,  € 180,- (€ 160,- when registering and paying deposit one month in advance)

Mystery - dare to go beyond

Petr Málek & Elanor Rose

Family Constellations - Shamanic Healings - Tantric Rituals - Energetic Bodywork - Shadow Work - Alpha Brain States

The intention for these seminars is to liberate our Life-Energy and to wake up to the dream of our soul. We will uncover the ways in which we hold ourselves back from living our potential.

Mystery 1 - Healing & Liberation

This healing process addresses topics from our ancestral blood-line, past-life memories, mental structures/limiting beliefs and trauma in the body. By discovering and facing the patterns, the conditioning and the mental structures that restrict us, we catalyse the process of dissolving old limitations, which in turn allows us to expand into the unknown, where the mystery of our lives can unfold. This seminar involves transforming fear, shame and limitations (our own and those we inherit from society). We investigate our patterns and conditioning around touch to free our life energy and to heal our relationship with our bodies, and release old sexual traumas.

​Mystery 2 - Intuition & Intensity

​In Mystery 2 we work on strengthening our perception of the messages from the soul level - our intuition. And we will explore areas where we betray our dream in order to feel safe - the moments where we run away from intensity, aliveness and our own strength. We enter Alpha brain states to connect with the unlimited gifts of our subconscious - allowing us to expand into the unknown space where Mystery can take place.

​​These seminars are for those who dare to challenge themselves and take steps beyond their fears and expectations.

Thursday 7PM - Tuesday 5PM, € 200,-

Path of Touch

Petr Málek & Magdaléna Šloncová

Tantric and shamanic rituals - Bodywork - Family constellations - Healings

A sequence of 3 weekend meetings which will bring new awareness into our relation with the Life itself. We reconnect with the sacredness of our bodies and we claim back our source of life energy. We start to understand and heal the patterns and blockages which are limiting the flow of energy through our system on the physical and on the spiritual level.

Participation is possible in the right order only

Path of Touch 1 - Healing

The goal of the first meeting is to free our life energy and to heal the relation to our bodies. As we work intensively with our lower chacras we transform fears, shame and limitations (ours and as well those we take over from the surrounding society) and heal old wounds on all levels of our sexuality.

Friday 7PM - Monday 5PM, € 180,- (€ 160,- when registering and paying deposit one month in advance)

Path of Touch 2 - Joy & Pleasure

This time we explore our relationship to joy and pleasure. We will have a look in what situations and where it is, that we do not allow ourselves to enter into the "bright side of life". We continue with healing rituals on the physical level and we will work on increasing the sensitivity and our capacity to experience pleasure and excitement in our physical and energetic bodies. This process will lead us to areas where patterns and mind forms are limiting us. Facing them will start the process of dissolving old boundaries and allowing a wider range of experiences in many areas of our daily lives.

Friday 7PM - Monday 5PM, € 180,- (€ 160,- when registering and paying deposit one month in advance)

Path of Touch 3 - The 8 Faces

In the last meeting we discover and unfold the flow of our life energy in the 8 directions of the Medicine Circle. Traditional shamanic map describing qualities of each direction helps us to explore and understand our own patterns and mind structures in different situations. The healing which this journey brings happens not only on the level of our bodies and sexuality but influences any kind of expressing our selves towards the outer world.

Friday 7PM - Tuesday 5PM, € 200,- (€ 180,- when registering and paying deposit one month in advance)

Into the Depth of Feminine Sexuality

Magdaléna Šloncová

If you wish to explore the healing and transformative potential of your life force, to enter space of healing touch purely among women, you are invited for a gentle beginning of that journey.

Dates of Seminars in Coed Hills, UK