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The Path Seminars

with Petr Málek and Magdaléna Šloncová

Seminars which bring awareness into our foundation, our roots and into our relation to Life itself - giving us the opportunity to set a direction for our life journey. We start to understand and heal the patterns and blockages which are limiting the flow of energy through our system on the physical, mental and on the soul level.




Summer Camp 2019

near Nepomuk in the south-west of Czech Republic, 16th - 23rd August

​A colorful programme of events for adults & children

Workshops - Rituals - Healing sessions - Sharing circles - Art & Music - Massage - Meditation
A week of living together, to introduce / integrate the transformational work of The Path into our lives. Indoor and outdoor activities for both adults & children - all held in a safe, conscious, drug & alcohol free space. Full of opportunities to try something new! For more Info write to:


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