The Shadow

The Shadow

Integration of suppressed parts of our psyche and soul. Intensive confrontation with subconscious patterns.

This seminar offers the possibility to look into the depth. What are we hiding and what do we not want to see on ourselves? We will be using a variety of mirrors (the group, our judgements, our preferences, our heroes) to expand our self image. All that with the intention to reconnect with the qualities and resources which we have cut away in order to be accepted and loved.

Be prepared that this process will not necessarily be pleasant all the way through. All techniques and approaches that might help us to confront us with the self defence of our "little me"  will be considered.

Times: arrival: Friday from 5PM latest 7PM, finishing: approx. 5PM on Monday

Place: Zdeborice 28, Czech Republic

Price including seminar fee and lodging: € 200,-

Register for the seminar: Click on the "Apply" button in the menu above. Fill in the on-line form, Send. We will contact you after the application period in which we consider all incoming applications and motivations to participate. You will be asked to confirm your space on the seminar by paying a deposit.

Lodging: in dormitories on mattresses. We provide lining and pillow with cover. Participants bring their own sleeping bag or duvet.

Bring: sleeping bag, towels, indoor shoes/slipper, comfortable light clothing for indoor AND outdoor clothing for any whether, notebook and pen, blindfold, massage oil, sarong (big oriental scarf that you can tie round yourself), a massage sheet to use to cover the futons for the evening sessions, food: your contribution for the common kitchen - see below.

Dining: The basic cooking provisions are provided by us: pasta, rice, potatoes, tomato paste, cooking oils, herbs, spices, coffee, teas and milk. We all participate in preparing meals together in the community kitchen next to the seminar space. We are not strictly vegetarian but find it easier to stay this way so we can cater for everyone. Your contribution to the kitchen: vegetables for cooked lunches and salads, bread, cheese/spreads for cold dinners and fruits, oats, butter and jam for breakfast. Bring an amount of food which you are able to eat within three days! IF YOU ARE ON A SPECIAL DIET: bring all that you need with you.