Training for seminar facilitators:

Next Training for seminar leaders starting end of May 2024

A Guide along the Path

You will go through a deep self-clarifying and self-discovering process and achieve skills for leading family constellations and shamanic healings. You learn and practice holding space for any kind of gathering of people with an intention - especially guiding tantric and shamanic rituals as a tool for transformation.

The training will give you a big shift in your ability to deal with any life situation from a different point of awareness. There will be a focus on the emotional and energetic perception of oneself and the one´s surroundings as well as on the ability to be in contact with our higher selves.

This training is designed not only for seminar leaders but it brings also great benefit to those who work with people as teachers, therapists, social workers, masseurs or those who have leading positions in their jobs (though practising all the tools we use is obligatory). In all these areas you can incorporate the essence and the tools of the training which can expand your professional life to a new dimension.

Assisting other seminars in Zdeborice or UK is a optional part of the training and will give you the opportunity to join the leading team and actively experience holding space - with the possibility to inquire and receive explanations about the actual processes within the group.


  • leading of constellations, healings and transformative processes

  • taking care of the ritual space and working with a group

  • energetic clearing of space and people

  • shame and sexuality

  • equal relationship vs. dependency

  • process, projection, transference

  • one to one techniques

  • when am I allowed to help, and when I have to respect destiny

  • a systemic view of relationships

  • and many more ...

Training includes:

6x block of training of 5 days in the Czech rep.

2x meeting of participants in small groups (1 or 2 days)

studying of the theoretical background

practicing the techniques and tools in the time between the meetings

(optional up to 4x participation in one of our seminars of your choice in UK or CZ as an assistant)

Prerequisits :

  • completion of Path of the Soul and Mystery 1&2

  • health check (will be specified later)

  • fluent english


1st block: 30 May - 4 June 2024

2nd block: 19 - 24 September 2024
3rd block: 12 - 18 December 2024
4th block: 27 February - 4 March 2025
5th block: 6 – 11 June 2025
6th block: 2 – 7 October 2025

All blocks of training starting Thursday evening and finishing Tuesday 5PM latest and take place in Zdebořice č.p. 28, Czech Republic


€ 2.000,-  (Kč 45.000,-) to be paid in instalments of € 1.000,- (Kč 20.000,-) at the registration and then 5x € 200  (Kč 5.000,-) at the beginning of block 2-6. Price includes the seminar fee and accommodation.

In case you are interested please contact me per e-mail:

You will receive registration forms in return. The deadline for handing in your registration will be end of March 2024. Out of received applications by that date the group will be formed.