Seminars with Magdalena

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Seminars for Women

Into the Depth of Feminine Sexuality 1


Exploring the manual for your very own inner compass - Yoni. By Yoni I mean all of her, also genitals inside of the body plus whole area which she feels belongs to her territory, like hips, lower bottom, lower belly, breasts and more. Yoni is also part of our hormonal system, which can be seen also as communication channel with our Higher Self. Which means: lively Yoni = lively communication with our inner lead. We will work with whole-body Yoni healing. Non sexual conscious touch for the whole body, including our intimate areas. Finding a tender way to intimacy with yourself.

If you wish to explore healing and transformative potential of your life force, and you would like to experience conscious healing touch within a purely womens gathering, then these gentle steps might be the right path for you.

This seminar is a warm, nest-like space for your femininity to blossom and getting charged. It is a welness weekend for your inner woman as well as for your body. There is no need for any kind of experience in energetic bodywork or massaging techniques, no kind of knowledge is expected. At same time also experienced women can come here to enter a deep relaxed state of being. This is supported by the pure women group. All you need is the openness for the new - in form of information about your body as well as new spaces and states of being, openness to touch and be touched in various ways, so that the nourishment can reach you. It is an opportunity for you to see your femininity maybe in a new light, from a wider perspective - as we are going to tune in the Wisdom of our Yonies and their Universe. It is also a preparation for a more dynamic approach to the magic of Yoniversal Wisdom in part 2 & 3.

(For beginners as well as for advanced)

Into the Depth of Feminine Sexuality 2

Awakening Within

Connecting with self-love, self-intimacy, independence. Continuing the journey to find and live our connection with our very essence and its lead. Finding our way to be reachable for love-making with the Universe itself - as our inner woman has such an ability. Exploring and awakening energetic circulation within our bodies, awakening our inner connection to life source. Creating a wider channel for our energy to flow through us and move us in our lives.

(For women who took part at Feminine Sexuality 1)

Into the Depth of Feminine Sexuality 3

Incarnating Fully

Rebirth, reconnection with the source bellow and above us. Dynamic work with body and energy. The overall intention of this seminar is to support fulfillment of our incarnation and its manifestation here on Earth. We are going to invite our sexual energy also into higher energetic centres, where it can support our visions, our life purpose. Building up space of self-responsability. Continuing the path of reading and following our inner compass in daily life.

There is a specific approach to food at this seminar: vegetarian light-to-digest meals, plus we skip certain stuff - stimulants. Like black tea, coffee, unnecessary sugar, cigarettes. It is an offer (not a total no) and it has a deeper meaning - this would make it easier for you to perceive yourselves. The above mentioned substances influence our hormonal system in an artificial way. And that is why when we take them in, it is more difficult to distinguish between inner impulses, messages, which are based on them and which of them are based on real us. For having it easier to read the inner compass, it is recommended to try it out for these few days (and maybe even some days before the seminar).

(For women who took part at Feminine Sexuality 1 and 2)

Seminar for Couples

Together Journey 1

Wellness for intimacy in partnership - on the level body, energy, emotions and spirituality.

For couples, who wish to give to their partnership a present. To tune deeper into each of yourselves - and approach your beloved one from this inner core place. Discovering new ways how to connect via conscious touch, energetic bodywork, learning about and exploring anatomy and physiology of sexuality in women and men, verbal exercising, Yin & Yang polarities getting aligned.

You might use the chance to tidy up, maybe throw some emotional rubbish in a bin. To give yourselves time for a bath in touches, which can have so many colours and levels, even a level of sexual magic, but often the time or space for their raveal is missing in our daily lives. For example for the simple reason that out kids are the fruit of our love, but they can sometimes seem to be sitting between us - not making it as easy for us to reach each other, as we used to before.

This seminar is for partners who have been on their journey for some time and both of them long for continuing it together. For people who are willing to play with shifting their points of view, communication patterns, touches and energetic connection in order to enrich their partnership,

For those who would love to put together a refreshed mosaic of their together-journey, where life potential of each of them has its own grounded place.

It is needed that both partners wish to take part.

For couples of any gender combination.

Individual Sessions

Energetic body work with the clarity of your intention, eventually combined with vibration of tuning forks. For one person, or for a couple simultaneously, or a special offer for women.