Seminars with Petr

Path of the Soul

Petr Málek

Family Constellations - Shamanic rituals - Bodywork

Welcome to the gateway seminar where we bring awareness into our foundation and our roots, using Ritual, Family Constellations and Conscious touch. Family Constellations is a unique blend of soul-work and psychotherapy, inspired by the healing wisdom of traditional rituals that honor our ancestors.
Zdebořice, Friday 7PM - Monday 5PM,  € 200,-
Extra: Thursday 7PM - Monday 5PM, € 250,-

Mystery - dare to go beyond

Petr Málek

Family Constellations - Shamanic Healings - Tantric Rituals - Energetic Bodywork - Shadow Work - Alpha Brain States

The intention for these seminars is to liberate our Life-Energy and to wake up to the dream of our soul. We will uncover the ways in which we hold ourselves back from living our potential.

​​These seminars are for those who dare to challenge themselves and take steps beyond their fears and expectations.

Mystery 1 - Healing & Liberation

Zdebořice, Thursday 7PM - Tuesday 5PM, € 300,-

​Mystery 2 - Intuition & Intensity

Zdebořice, Thursday 7PM - Tuesday 5PM, € 300,-

Mystery 3 - Partnership

Zdebořice, Thursday 7PM - Tuesday 5PM, for a couple: € 550,-

Practical Magic

with Petr and team

Learning and practicing different techniques of process work to help ourselves and support others. This seminar is based on the experiences from the training giving the opportunity to join for anyone who wants to understand more and acquire skills about systemic constellations, shamanic healings, body work, holding space for rituals and using one-to-one techniques without any commitments.

Practical Magic will take place once every half year and it is up to you if you join just once - or continue. Each time the content of the meeting will be designed according to the needs and requests of the group.

Zdebořice, Sunday 7PM - Friday 5PM, € 300,-

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