Mystery 2 - Intuition & Intensity

MYSTERY - dare to go beyond

The intention for MYSTERY seminars is to liberate our Life-Energy and to wake up to the dream of our soul. We will uncover the ways in which we hold ourselves back from living our potential.

Mystery 2 - Intuition & Intensity

An intensive 5 day seminar

Family Constellations - Shamanic Healings - Tantric Rituals - Energetic Bodywork - Shadow Work - Alpha Brain States

​In Mystery 2 we work on strengthening our perception of the messages from the soul level - our intuition. And we will explore areas where we betray our dream in order to feel safe - the moments where we run away from intensity, aliveness and our own strength. We enter Alpha brain states to connect with the unlimited gifts of our subconscious - allowing us to expand into the unknown space where Mystery can take place.

These seminars are for those who dare to challenge themselves and take steps beyond their fears and expectations.



starting Thursday at 7pm

ending Tuesday at 5pm

Place: Zdeborice 28, Czech Republic

Price: including seminar fee and lodging: € 320,-

Guides: Petr and team

Seminar language: English only