Mystery 3

MYSTERY 3 - Partnership

An intensive 5 day seminar for couples who dare to go deep and find out what is possible

Shadow Work - Honest Communication - Family Constellations - Tantric Rituals - Conscious BDSM

For couples who are ready to challenge their relationship, dissolve co-dependencies and integrate the shadow parts of the couple and both individuals. Letting go of what is not serving any more and strengthening whatever can enrich the partnership will be the priority in these days.

This time we will look at couple dynamics using our partners as a supportive mirror for growth and expansion. We will be using different techniques and rituals to enhance our ability to communicate through words, touch and intuition. Our focus will be also on the shadow side of sexuality in order to break out of limiting patterns and liberate the potential we have as a couple,

For this seminar you can apply only with your life or love partner. Both of you should have participated on Path of Soul and Mystery 1 or Path of Touch with us or on similar seminars with other lectors. We expect that both of you bring a lot of openness and willingness to dive deep. In case you have doubts if this seminar is the right fit for you, get in contact with us and we can have a chat.

So if you dare to go beyond all norms, fears, and expectations you are very welcome to join us.

Information for Mystery 3:


starting Thursday at 7pm

ending Tuesday at 5pm

Place: Zdeborice 28, Czech Republic

Price for the couple: including seminar fee and lodging: Kč 12.000,- or € 550,-

Guides: Petr and Ria

Seminar language: English only

Applications: Please send us your details and motivation using this online-form. Each of you separately.