Dates of our seminars & Apply

Dates of seminars

20. - 25. 2.   Petr Málek & team:   Training VII, block 2

Zdebořice, running training

closed group

28. 2. - 2. 3.   Petr Málek:   Path of the Soul

We bring awareness into our foundation and our roots, using  Family Constellations, Shamanic Healings and Conscious touch.

Zdebořice, Czech and German

 € 180,-

17. - 19. 4.   Magdaléna Šloncová:   Feminine Health Caring Seminar  -  The Base

For those parts of our bodies and system that can be easily overlooked in our daily life. We are going to support our lymphatic and hormonal system, breasts and womb. Combination of lymphatic drainage and conscious touch. Releasing stress from the body.

Vienna, English

€ 130,-

2. - 7. 4.   Petr Málek & team:   ​​Mystery 1 - Healing & Liberation

Family Constellations - Shamanic Healings - Tantric Rituals - Energetic Bodywork - Shadow Work

Zdebořice, advanced, English only

€ 220,-

19. - 24. 4.    Petr Málek:   Practical Magic

Learning and practicing different techniques of process work to help ourselves and support others.

Zdebořice, prequisit: Mystery 1 and 2 OR Path of Soul and Path of Touch 1-3, English only

€ 200,-

14. - 19. 5.    Petr Málek & team: ​  Mystery 2 - Intuition & Intensity

Family Constellations - Shamanic Healings - Tantric Rituals - Energetic Bodywork - Shadow Work - Alpha Brain States

Zdebořice, advanced, English only

€ 220,-

22. - 25. 5.    Magdaléna Šloncová:   Seminar for Couples - Together Journey

For couples who wish to give to their partnership a present of full attention for three days. For people who are willing to widen their point of view, communication patterns, connection through touch and energy. Who would love to create a refreshed mosaic of their together-journey, where his and her life potential has its own grounded place.

Vienna, English only

€ 180,-

28.5. - 2.6.   Petr Málek & team:   Training VII, block 3

Zdebořice, running training

closed group

19. - 22. 6.   Magdaléna Šloncová:   Into the Depth of Feminine Sexuality 2 Awakening Life Force

Rebirth, reconnection with the source. Restart of life force. Dynamic work with body and energy. The overall intention of this seminar is to support fulfillment of our incarnation.

Nové Hrady, English and Czech, for women who took part at Path of Touch 1 and 2

€ 180,-

26. - 28. 6.   Magdaléna Šloncová: Into the Depth of Feminine Sexuality 1 Melting

Lively Yoni = lively communication with our Higher Self. We will work with step-by-step whole-body Yoni healing, non sexual conscious touch for our intimate areas. Finding a tender way to intimacy with ourselves. Taking the seminar Base beforehand can be an advantage.

near Vienna, English

€ 160,-

  • All seminars start on first day at 7PM, arrival possible from 5PM, finishing last day between 5-6PM.
  • Before Mystery we recommend participation on Path of the Soul or a similar seminar and a lot of openness.
  • Mystery 2 after Mystery 1 only.
  • Price includes seminar fee and lodging.
  • Dates for autumn 2020 will be published in June 2020
  • For Petr & Ella's Seminars in the UK